The Green Zhurga

Welcome to The Green "Zhurga"


"Zhurga" comes from the word "Surga" in the Balinese / Bali / Indonesia language, which means "Heaven".

The Green Zhurga is strategically located in the middle of bustling Seminyak and the vibrant of Kerobokan area, comprises of 8 units Suites and 4 units Deluxe Suites.

Starting with a couple of travellers who wished for a cozy accomodation during their many trips. The idea of The Zhurga was born. The Zhurga is a new and revolutionary concept, giving you a spacious, private yet homy hotel suite. Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable, clean yet  affordable accomodation.

We have carefully selected our location so that it is near to the colorful, vibrant and lively area of Seminyak. In our guest directory, we have inserted a map which will guide you through the area near The Zhurga.

Our Staff, are here to help you, pamper you with the best treatment you could possibly have, so if you have some concerns about our hotel, do not hesitate to dial our staff, further information about this is inserted in the Telephone Directory.
Throughout your stay we wish to treat you with only the best, after all you are in Heaven.


Now, I want to go to "The Green Zhurga" at The Zhurga's Official Website.
Zhurga = Zurga = Zorga = Surga = Sorga = Swarga
The Green Zhurga is located in Seminyak / Kerobokan, Bali


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