VIVAnews : Paris Hilton Hadiri Peresmian Tempat Spa di Bali

VIVAnews : Paris Hilton Hadiri Peresmian Tempat Spa di Bali

Uploaded on Nov 11, 2011
Paris Hilton, pewaris kerajaan Hotel Hilton tiba di Bali, Rabu 9 November 2011 menggunakan pesawat Singapura Airlines. Paris berada di Bali untuk menghadiri acara pembukaan tempat spa dan salon milik sahabatnya 'Rob Peetoom Hair Spa' sekaligus berlibur menikmati keindahan panorama Bali.

My Lunch At Made's Warung

Map: 10 minutes driving from The Green Zhurga to Warung Made Seminyak

After our enjoyable massage at Jari Menari, it was time for lunch. We did not intend to travel too far and so we settled for this famous restaurant called Made's Warung.

Located at Jalan Seminyak, which was just down the road from Jari Menari, Made's Warung was actually established way back in 1969 as a roadside stall and since then became a cosmopolitan restaurant and a social meeting venue for expats and tourists alike.

There were actually two outlets - one in Seminyak where we went, and the other one in Kuta near to Hard Rock Hotel.

The decor was quite interesting here although I did not take many photos!

I had wanted to try Bali coffee since the very first day I touched down in Bali, but did not have the chance to do so. And so when I saw there's Bali coffee in the menu, I immediately ordered it!

I am not a huge fan of coffee, but I was not impressed with this Bali coffee. I think I have drank better coffee elsewhere!

They have Western, Japanese, Indonesian and specific Balinese food on the menu (quite an extensive variety I would say!) but we decided to go for Indonesian food.

We each ordered a plate of Nasi Campur (mixed rice).

And in addition to that, we ordered a plate of Nasi Goreng (fried rice) ...

Curry chicken (or is that beef? Can't remember!)

and Gado gado (vegetables in peanut sauce)

I would say the food here was pretty average, nothing that would make me want to come back for more. I did like the gado gado though - maybe because I am a sucker for peanut sauce, haha!

The price was also slightly on the higher side, though still pretty reasonable.

But one thing I liked was their wide varieties of keropok (crackers)!

I bungkus (take-away) quite a few packets of keropok but not before trying each of those keropok first! It's a good thing they allowed me to sample the keropoks!

Would I return to this restaurant if I ever go to Bali again? Probably not, but then again I would still recommend it if you have never dined here before.


Map: From The Green Zhurga To Made's Warung Seminyak

Map: From A = The Zhurga to B = Warung Made Seminyak
Distance = 3.4 km. Driving time = 10 minutes

View Larger Map

This restaurant was recommended by some friends and I had also noticed that it’s also recommended by several travel guide books. Stepped into the compound of Made’s Warung and found that it housed a number of specialty shops from handicrafts to chocolates.

At first I was wondering where the restaurant was, as there were tables and chairs placed outside the shops with no sign of the restaurant or the service staff. It wasn’t until we walked further in then we saw the bar and restaurant counter. There were many Japanese students and their parents and teachers and it looked like they were preparing for a performance of sorts.



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