Following the best Bali Hidden Beach:

Top 6 Bali hidden beach

Bingin Beach

A Bali 's treasure: Bingin Beach - Bali hidden beach
Bali 's treasure: Bingin Beach
Bingin is popular among bali’s surfers but for getting off the road Bingin sounds Perfect. Bingin Beach looks like Uluwatu Cliff 10 year ago. Located in the Bukit between Padang-Padang and Dreamland (New Kuta Beach). Just before reaching Padang Padang turn right a small sign should indicate Bingin. If you are lucky you will meet the best young Balinese Surfers sponsored by well known surf Brand. Watching them is impressive. Here a surfing video taken in Bingin.

Impossible Beach

Impossible Beach In bali Indonesia - Bali hidden beach
Impossible Beach In bali Indonesia
Another Bukit’s treasure. As you can see on the image above Impossible is another perfect surf’s spot. Impossible is a surf camp so for sure you will be alone on the Beach you will only see surfers paddling. Impossible Beach is next to Bingin it’s easy to find.

Soka beach

Bali Beach Soka - Bali hidden beach
Bali Beach Soka
Soka Beach Bali - Bali hidden beach
Soka Beach Bali

Soka is one of the most beautiful beaches in western part of Bali. Panorama view with chains of hills forms natural walls on the west side through to Batukaru Mountain Range on the north. On the eastside, Agung Mountain is seen in the distance and Indonesian ocean is on the south with the eastern tip of east Java in the backdrop.
Soka beach hides thousand of natural miracles and legends. One can find a massive coral stone with size of about 30 cubic meters surrounded by sand and sea water believed to be cooking pot of Balinese mighty man named Kebo Iwa.

Jimbaran’s Treasure Beach

Jimbaran Treasure Beach - Bali hidden beach
Jimbaran Treasure Beach

Jimbaran Treasure Pond - Bali hidden beach
Jimbaran Treasure Pond
Jimbaran Treasure - Bali hidden beach
Jimbaran Treasure
Not far from Jimbaran, this hidden is a treasure. We don’t want to tell where it exactly is, in fact every Bali lovers knows what happened with Dreamland. We don’t want the same future for this Bali’s jewel.Quite difficult to reach, I mean by car Jimbaran Treasure beach is a really small beach where you will feel like Crusoe. A small pond give to the beach another dimension.

Bias Tugal

Bias Tugal Bali Beach Padang Bai - Bali hidden beach
Bias Tugal Bali Beach Padang Bai

bias tugal Bali beach Diving Spot- Bali hidden beach
bias tugal Bali beach Diving Spot
Bias Tugal is the perfect Diving spot in Bali far from the crowd. In the middle of the jungle you will feel great in Bias Tugal if you just want to dive, Swim and doing nothing. Not far from Padang Bai you will easily find this secret place by asking the locals and/or the divers.

Pandawah Secret Beach

Pandawah Secret Beach - Bali hidden beach
Pandawah Secret Beach

Pandawah Beach  is one of the best bali’s southern Beach. Far from crowd, beautiful and clean, this beach is the place to go if you love postcard view.