Kabayan Goes to Hollywood @Trans Studio Bandung

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Iteung berhasil memenangkan festival penyanyi top.
Dia lalu diorbitkan dan pacaran dengan Brad Pitt dan jadi artis tenar di Hollywood.
Kabayan pun menyusul ke Hollywood untuk mendapatkan Iteung kembali.

Berhasilkah Kabayan?
Apakah Kabayan dan Iteung akan bersatu lagi?


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 Kabayan Goes to Hollywood @Trans Studio Bandung [cut version] 

Uploaded on Dec 13, 2011
I recorded this when I was travelling to Bandung with my friends and happen to visit Trans Studio :)




Indonesian Grand Rijsttafel (rice table) is the best way to experience the unique taste of Indonesia's exotic cuisines. A spread of 20 dishes will be served on your table.
The idea of rijsttafel came up during the Dutch colonial period. At the time, the Dutch people observed how Indonesian families ate dinner together and the food, which comprised of rice and various small dishes, was served at the same time instead of in a certain order as was common in Europe. They were interested in following this unique way of serving Indonesian food, but done in greater quantities and consumed according to their own custom.
To give a more lavish impression, the food served in rijsttafel comes in a lot of variations which include rice, main dishes and desserts. The rice itself comes in many different colours such as white (jasmine and coconut rice), yellow (turmeric rice) and red. The main dishes comprise of beef, mutton, chicken, fish, seafood and vegetables, cooked in several different ways such as stir-fried, deep-fried, grilled, steamed or made into soup. To complete the dining experience, fruits or Indonesian traditional cakes are served as desserts.
After enjoying much popularities during the colonial period, rijsttafel was taken out of Indonesia and made popular by the Dutch people in their country. Nowadays in Indonesia, this unique way of dining can only be enjoyed in certain places such as restaurants or fine hotels.
PACKAGES ADinner + Show (Balinese Dance Performance)
Menu: Indonesian Grand Rijsttafel, 20-dishes of Indonesian meal
You will be entertained with a special Balinese Dance Performance on every Tuesday, Thurday and Saturday starting at 6.30 pm until 7.15 pm.PACKAGES B 
Dinner Only (without show)
Menu: Indonesian Grand Rijsttafel, 20-dishes of Indonesian meal
- Chicken soup

Main Course:
- Pickled vegetables
- Salad in peanut sauce
- Long beans in coconut milk
- Chicken satay
- Balinese Fish satay
- Taliwang grilled chicken
- Chicken curry
- Eggplant in soya sauce
- Spicy grilled fillet fish
- Fried soya bean cake
- Grilled fish cake
- Corn fritter
- Tofu omelette
- Peanut crackers
- Egg in chilli sauce
- Spicy prawns
- Sweet and Sour Fish
- Steamed Plain-Turmeric Rice

- Cassava Cup Cake
- Fruit Mixed Ice

- Indonesian Bottled Tea
- Mineral Water
Lunch Only (without show)
Menu: Indonesian Nasi Tumpeng
- Chicken soup

Main Course:
- Presto Fried Chicken
- Spicy Fried Potato
- Eggplant in Soybeans Sauce
- Fried Potato Cake
- Javanese Mixed Vegetable

Source: balitrips.net
- Crispy Fried Fish
- Fried Noodle
- Steamed Plain - Turmeric Rice

- Fruit Mixed Ice

- Mineral Water

Made's Warung @ Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Made's Warung @ Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Made's Warung has been a longtime favorite for locals and tourists. The myriad of choices may feel overwhelming and my suggestion is to go with traditional Balinese dishes which hardly go wrong. 
The restaurant is a great hang out place for visitors, thanks to its large garden area filled with tables and chairs, as well as a communal table section. 
Made Warung has two outlets, one in Kuta, another in Seminyak. Everything seems bigger and wider at the Seminyak branch, well... except for its menu. 
Soto Madura (IDR 35.000) - A bowl of heart warming soup after a 3hr flight from KL. 
Babi Sate (IDR 50.00) - Each Sate was delicately flavored with spices like coriander, cumin and turmeric. To further enhances the flavor, dip the sate into the homemade peanut sauce - You can never have too much peanut sauce on this babi.  
Gado - Gado (IDR 30.00) - Those into peanut sauce should definitely sample the Gado-Gado, which is vegetables in peanut sauce, mainly composed of assorted vegetables mixed in peanut sauce topped with some chili padi. 
Bebek Tootoo (IDR 165.000) -  A tender piece of duck tossed in traditional Balinese sauce. 
Nasi Campur Special (IDR 65.000) - This plate of nasi campur had a view of beef rendang, smoked chicken, sambal prawns and local vegetables. A very colorful view indeed! 

Source: smittenbyfood.blogspot.com



Last friday (6th July) I planned a little departure party in the sleepy dust pit that Nusa Dua has momentarily become thanks to a small army of Javanese workers busting their skinny guts for a swarm of greedy/corrupt indonesian property tycoons.

Rant aside, we downed sweet nasi, talked smack, smoked kiwi flavoured sheesha and drank until we felt slightly retarded. It was delightful. Then a group of us did the dash to town. We piled into one of those gutless toaster looking 4x4 cars like desperate refugees would clamber upon any boat headed for a horizon. Our destination was Poco Loco Restaurant & Bar in Legian. 

We had heard about the LoveInTents X MassiveVibrations rager. Arriving out front of the venue the scene inside appreared somewhat tame, but the animals were just arriving. It was my last weekend on the island, we had to party and it seemed as if we'd come to the right place. I was also supposed to remember the night so I could review what went down...what a fucking unreal predicament. 

Two years ago. A more sober version of myself went to Poco Loco hunting a feed with mates. I chowed down white wash mexican food. As we sat and mealed our tacos the mosquitos sniffing around my ears starting causing an unwanted ruckas. The pests were everywhere. That night at Poco Loco could have been an almost death by mozzy experience, not an ideal dining experience. I vowed never to return again.

A total man of my word, I broke my vows. But you know what, I'm relieved that I returned to Poco. This time the joint offered me a completely different experience, albeit one I fail to properly remember. What I do recall is this.

The venue had a totally fresh buzz. The mosquitos had pissed off to poorer pastures. There was a glock of radical party-goers posing for the cameras, some hip, some legit but a lot were tragically lame. At least they were all downing beer and spirits, shaking their tits and tiny dicks, dancing, just losing their fragile minds to a few hard hitting, well accepted Dj's.

The vibes all night were pretty tight, it wasn't a seedy Kuta vibe at all, but it had enough moments of looseness to keep the crowd from standing around like a pack of stunned mullets. 

The sound system was suprisingly fucked up (in all of the best ways), it absolutely killed. That system was being controlled by DJ Angger Dimas. He seemed to know what he was doing. Pretty sure that's him below getting serious on the decks. 

^ I think he's saying, "Mum, I made it!"

Thankfully the staff weren't on some rank power trip like 99% of the security cops i've become accustomed to in Australia. The staff were actually pretty bloody all time, totally accomodating and down to keep the party vibes and alcohol flowing. I didn't try any of the food, apparently it's now on point. I'll return for samples and good times shortly, for sure. My headache the following day said I should have eaten...

As you'd expect at any decent party in Bali, there were a few noticable heads mashed up in the building. Lee Wilson was one. The man with the mind boggling online surf clip "Early Blessings", the same dude who is currently perched firmly atop the ISC Pro tour open rankings. He was lurking upstairs in the VIP area.

^ Lee Wilson - Photos Zac Bailie. 

Prior to the night Lee was a practical stranger to me. I'd seen his clips, read a few words about him, believed the glorified hype and was actually repping one of his t-shirts like a shit head groupie. I had a vague idea who he was, we bumped heads and he introduced me to his wife Bianka, the person who is practically running the Poco Loco gig. She's done a top job (along with the rest of the staff) at turning Poco Loco around. It's now a place I want to see more of. I interviewed her about the finer details, but the tequila flow corroded my brain and everything of substance hit the floor. I can say one thing, I suggest you check out their next event or just head down for a feed and a few cheap rounds of liquor. This place goes off. 

Find Poco Loco Bar & Restaurant @ Jl. Padma Utara, Legian, Bali. 

Source: soggybones.com

Un's Restaurant Bali

Un's Restaurant Bali

It was quite lucky for us to chance upon Un's Restaurant along Jalan Pantai Kuta, one of the highly recommended restaurant on the Internet (Ranked #2 restaurant in Kuta in Tripadvisor).

Un's Restaurant

Un's open air dining area offered a nice ambience for a romantic candlelight dinner under frangipani trees. The Balinese settings remind us that we are in Bali while we were enjoying nice European food.
Romantic Dining Area

Upon arrival, we were offered cold towels and a complimentary shot of Un's frozen Margarita each, thoughtful acts to cool off the heat in the warm weather. Their margarita was exceptional and it successfully excite our taste palate that we decided to order another glass. Very unlike us who usually prefer to go for variety.

Complimentary Un's Frozen Margarita
Un's Frozen Margarita
Rating: 4.5/5

Amuse-bouche was being offered, chicken nugget with 3 different sauces - mustard, spinach, tomato, simple and nice.
Complimentary Chicken Nugget
Rating: 3.75/5

We ordered their recommended main courses - Lamb Shank and Tuna Dill Medallions.

Lamb Shank - Oven roasted lamb shank with cabbage and mashed potatoes.  The lamb is nicely roasted, tender and not so sticky.  The cabbage had absorb the flavourful gravy and the slightly baked creamy mashed potato contrast with the slight roasting stickiness of the lamb. A pity that there isn't much bone marrow from the shank.

Lamb Shank
Rating: 4/5

Tuna Dill Medallions - sashimi grade tuna medallions on a creamy dill sauce, served with jasmine rice and garden salad.  The restaurant recommended medium for the Tuna, but it will be better if it was medium rare to have the outside slightly seared and leaving the middle pretty raw to preserve its tenderness. The creamy dill sauce was good, the wiry, thread-like dill week adds a distinctive taste to the creamy sauce.

Tuna Dill Medallions
Rating: 4/5
Total cost for the meal was around 290K IDR (SGD$40). Food is a bit pricer than other local restaurants along the street, but its a steal if you compare with what you get in Singapore. Good food, nice ambience with friendly service.

Afternote - realised that the listed price on the internet menu was almost half of what was offered to us at the restaurant. Understand that there are usually different menu for tourist and locals, but didn't realise that it apply for mid-class restaurant like Un's as well. For those who know Malay, try to converse in their local language and ask for local price or menu for the locals, maybe you can get much better deals.  Nonetheless, the dinner is still worth it even with the tourist price.

UN'S Paradise Restaurant Kuta
Jalan Pantai Kuta

Source: gastronomicaltravel.blogspot.com

Restaurant Review: Metis in Seminyak, Bali

Restaurant Review: Metis in Seminyak, Bali

This restaurant review of Metis in Seminyak, Bali is part of a trip report including Cathay Pacific Business Class and First Class to Hong Kong and Bali, plus reviews of luxury hotels and food in Hong Kong and Bali. 
We only spent one night in Seminyak, and dinner at French restaurant Metis was the highlight. I'd heard of Metis as the successor to Cafe Warisan, the popular French restaurant of Chef Nicolas Tourneville, whose career also includes stints as a private chef in the UK, the French Embassy in Jakarta and the Head Chef to the French Embassy in Algeria. And as incongruous as fine French dining in Bali sounds, I was looking forward to our visit.
I was glad that The Kayana offered a complimentary drop off and pick up service, since even though Metis didn't look so far away on the map, it was a 7 minute drive and the lack of sidewalks wouldn't have made for a nice walk.
Since we had an early 5:30pm reservation we were among the first tables to be seated. I've seen some early reviews of Metis complain about the service, but we were graciously led to our table and seated, with a lovely view of the surrounding countryside. Given how busy much of Seminyak is, the peaceful setting is a lovely oasis.
Metis Bali Restaurant Review
Peaceful view from Metis, Bali

Perusing the extensive menu took some time, and it was hard to decide among all the delectable sounding choices. Here are the appetizer choices:
Metis Bali Restaurant Review - Starters Appetizers Menu

And the meat and poultry selections:
Metis Bali Restaurant Review - Meat & Poultry Menu

The only one that was very easy to decide on was for the munchkin, since as usual he asked hopefully "Do they have mac & cheese?" Did they ever--the macaroni cheese with foie gras and truffles that we ordered for him was the most decadent mac & cheese we'd ever tasted, and we couldn't resist sneaking several more bites. Unfortunately it seems to no longer be on the pasta menu, but I do see something similar, macaroni pasta with foie gras and morel jus as a side accompaniment to the Confit of Rabbit Leg, so you could order that as a substitute.
Metis Bali Restaurant Review - Mac & Cheese with Truffles and Foie Gras
Mac & Cheese with Truffles and Foie Gras, Metis

We also ordered Homemade Potato Gnocchi with Gorgonzola, which was fabulous--little pillows of dumplings, perfectly complemented with tanginess of the Gorgonzola cheese sauce. In retrospect, though, we should have either foregone this dish or ordered just one entree, as the rich nature of all these dishes meant we filled up quickly.
Metis Bali Restaurant Review - Potato Gnocchi
Potato Gnocchi with Gorgonzola, Metis Bali

My husband settled on the 14 hours Crispy Pork Belly with Whole Grain Mustard Sauce and Mashed Potatoes. It was perfectly executed and as good as our favorite suckling pig fromABC Kitchen in New York.
Metis Bali Restaurant Review - Crispy Pork Belly
Crispy Pork Belly, Metis Bali

I opted for the Moulard Duck Leg Confit with Cepes Saute Potatoes, and loved it--hard not to like duck confit, and the cepes and potatoes brought me back to the time I helped gather wild mushrooms in northern Russia that went into a similar dish, sauteed with potatoes. 
Metis Bali Restaurant Review
Duck Confit, Metis Bali

Even though we were all full at that point, we had already preordered a chocolate souffle, since it takes 25 minutes, and I still wanted a taste since past reviews have raved about the souffles here. There are also other delicious sounding dessert choices, however:
Metis Bali Restaurant Review - Dessert Menu

We took the munchkin for a wallk while waiting for the souffle--it was good to have a break anyway between the filling main courses and dessert--and when the souffle made its appearance and we'd had a first taste, we knew we'd made a good choice. I'm a huge fan of Valrhona Caraibe, the chocolate used, and the vanilla bean cream that we poured in further elevated it. The pistachio parfait on the side was just as popular, as we're all pistachio fans. 
Metis Bali Restaurant Review - Chocolate Souffle
Dark Chocolate Souffle, Metis Bali

We used our Sapphire Preferred to pay, in order to get 2X points and no foreign transaction fees, but if we'd had enough of a balance on our AMEX Prepaid we would have used that, to get 5X points, also with no foreign transaction fees using refills bought with the Ink Bold.
The Verdict: In spite of my sleepless night due to the noise level at our villa at The Kayana Seminyak, our meal at Metis made our brief visit to Seminyak worth it. Though I'm not that keen on Seminyak, I'd go out of my way to dine at this restaurant again--it handily trumps most all French restaurants in New York in terms of the quality of the cuisine. Service on our visit was also friendly and professional. There was a bit of a wait for the souffle, but it lends itself to a leisurely dining experience. Just keep in mind that to take kids here, you'll need them to either really love food and eating (as the munchkin does) or be prepared to entertain them for awhile while waiting between courses.

Source: travelsort.com

Bali: Sushi Tei Kuta

Bali: Sushi Tei Kuta

Bali is a heaven for fish and seafood lovers. To be honest, I don’t enjoy sushi as much as sashimi. I used to love sushi so much but now if I have to choose sushi or sashimi, I’ll go fo sashimi all the way.
Somebody craved for Japanese food while we were in Indonesia. I chose to try Sushi Tei as I heard the name ofSushi Tei since I have lived in Canada. Sushi Tei is an international Japanese sushi restaurant chain and originated from Singapore. The chains have been spreading out in 5 place in Indonesia, Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Medan and Surabaya.
Salmon is always our choice thou we live in the country where salmon is abundant. He admitted that he had the best salmon dish at Sushi Tei Kuta.
Salmon Butter
I myself ordered lobster sashimi. Lobster is also a popular seafood in Canada esp in the East Coast area but I had my first lobster sashimi in Indonesia. When the waitress put down my plate of lobster sashimi, he was a bit freaked out as the lobster tail was moving by itself. The lobster sashimi was absolutely delicious, the meat was tender but firm and sweet.
Lobster Sashimi
The unique thing that Sushi Tei offered was after I finised my lobster sashimi the waitress came and asked whether I wanted to continue all the shell and head to be made for lobster broth in miso soup. I could’t say no since I had never had a lobster miso soup.
Lobster Miso Soup
Beside that we had trio temaki and some mocktails.
Trio Temaki
Overall, Sushi Tei Kuta was a good place for people who really craved sashimi and sushi in Bali. Definitely, Sushi Tei Kuta is one of destination places for foodies who crave for Japanese food while they are in Bali, Indonesia.
The location is on sunset road so it’s not that far either from we stayed, 100 Sunset Boutique Hotel. Since we had too much calorie into our body we decided to walk to our hotel. The dinner that we had was our last dinner before heading up to Yogyakarta in early morning the next day.

Source: indonesiaeats.com

Stadium Cafe in Tuban Bali

Stadium Cafe in Tuban Bali

Some good ideas never go out of style. One good idea that has been around for a while is Stadium Cafe, on Jl. Kartika Plaza in Tuban. This sports cafe features a couple of huge projector screens, plus a selection of smaller TV screens on which to see sports from around the world. The international nature of Bali makes programming interesting, with NBA, cricket, soccer, rugby and Aussie Rules all vying for position. When I first arrived in Bali in 2003 I discovered Stadium cafe and met my first Balinese girlfriend Yumi (Made Yuni) there. We visited Besakih temple along with 5 of her workmates, 2 of whom still work at Stadium. This afternoon Komang, the cashier was busy behind the counter and told me business as good. That’s not hard to believe right now as Kuta Square is busy.

Stadium Cafe is open daily from 10am-1am.
Here is a look at the menu at Stadium Cafe.
Starting Grid – including Nachos (cripsy corn tortilla chips, refried beans covered with melted cheese topped with salsa, guacamole, sour cream and jalapenos) for 43,500rp
Green & Fairway – including Caeser Salad for 30,500rp
Pizzas United – including Chicken Carbonara (mozzarella cheese, garlic parmesan cream sauce, grilled chicken, bacon, onion and mushrooms) for 47,500rp
Pasta – including Penne con Cernia ala Crema (sauteed spinach, penne with cream sauce and topped with pan fried snapper and garlic bread) for 49,500rp
American All Star – including Steak Sandwich (charbroiled fillet with sauteed onions and mushrooms served with French fries) for 49,500rp
Sweep Steak – including Spring Chicken (grilled baby chicken with sauteed onion, green pepper, mushroom and gravy served with vegetables and choice of potato) for 67,500rp
Home Plates – including Chicken Schnitzel (lightly breaded and deep fried served with vegetables and choice of potato) for 49,500rp
Mexican – including Beef Fajitas (sauteed beef with onion, red and green pepper served with reired beans, Spanish rice, flour tortillas, salsa, guacamole and sour cream) for 69,500rp
Japanese – including Oyakodon Chicken Cutlet (pan fried with Sukiyaki sauce, topped with egg and served with steamed rice) Ala carte for 49,500rp, Set Meal for 69,500rp
Chinese – including Mie Ayam (tender pieces of chicken breast with mushrooms, garlic and onions served with homemade noodles ) for 39,500rp
Local Derby – including Satay (6 skewers choice of chicken, beef, pork or mixed served with tasty peanut sauce and steamed rice) for 42,500rp
Final Lap – including Tiramisu for 32,500rp
Stadium Cafe
Complex Kuta Side Walk
Jl. Kartika Plaza

Source: baliblog.com

Flaming Volcano Pizza @ Papa’s Cafe, Bali

Flaming Volcano Pizza @ Papa’s Cafe, Bali

One of the restaurants that you must visit in Bali is Papa’s Cafe. Papa’s Cafe is located on Legian beach, just 4.5 km from Denpasar International Airport, adjacent to Alam Kulkul hotel. Within walking distance to the main tourism/shopping precinct of Kuta, Padma, Legian Beach and Mandira hotels.
The ambience of this cafe is very cosy. However the restaurant is always full house and you need to wait to be seated.
Bintang Beer, small bottle at the price Rp. 27,000.  This is my drink for the night. Of course the taste of the beer is not as smooth as Heineken’s, however the price is much cheaper and is really suitable for budget traveller like me.
Loaf of bread that served as a starter. This is provided free of charge.
The bread is served with olive oil which is not my cup of tea. We are not used to not having butter so we specially requested butter to go with the bread. They gave us some french butter which is classical and yummy on the bread.
Every Tuesday till Sunday, from 7pm onwards, the sound of Live Acoustics starts playing for the whole night. You can enjoy your favourite meal while guitarist, violin, saxophone and talented singer escort you to the romantic moment.
The main attraction of the night is neither the ambience nor the live acoustics. Instead is the “Papa’s Volcano Pizza” (Rp. 115,000) that served in a semi-sphere shape and we were amazed by it. 
As soon as the volcano pizza was placed on our table, the waiteress immediately lighted the top of the pizza which burnt off the darkness and the romantic environment. This is what we called the “Flaming Volcano Pizza”.
The flame lasted for about 2 munites and which later the waitress removed the top “cover” of the pizza and presented the famed Papa’s Volcano Pizza.
The ingredients of this pizza include squids, prawn, tuna fish, anchovy & crabmeat. The pizza tasted like usual pizza and still has room for improvement. The bonus point goes to the flaming presentation of the pizza.
 The next is the Aussie Pizza (Rp.95,000) The ingredients are beef ham, onions, pineapples and mixed capsicums. Ironically, the pizza with impressive presentation and outlook does not taste as good as this one which looks just like a normal pizza but with a splendid taste.

Source: stevengoh.com


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