Un's Restaurant Bali

Un's Restaurant Bali

It was quite lucky for us to chance upon Un's Restaurant along Jalan Pantai Kuta, one of the highly recommended restaurant on the Internet (Ranked #2 restaurant in Kuta in Tripadvisor).

Un's Restaurant

Un's open air dining area offered a nice ambience for a romantic candlelight dinner under frangipani trees. The Balinese settings remind us that we are in Bali while we were enjoying nice European food.
Romantic Dining Area

Upon arrival, we were offered cold towels and a complimentary shot of Un's frozen Margarita each, thoughtful acts to cool off the heat in the warm weather. Their margarita was exceptional and it successfully excite our taste palate that we decided to order another glass. Very unlike us who usually prefer to go for variety.

Complimentary Un's Frozen Margarita
Un's Frozen Margarita
Rating: 4.5/5

Amuse-bouche was being offered, chicken nugget with 3 different sauces - mustard, spinach, tomato, simple and nice.
Complimentary Chicken Nugget
Rating: 3.75/5

We ordered their recommended main courses - Lamb Shank and Tuna Dill Medallions.

Lamb Shank - Oven roasted lamb shank with cabbage and mashed potatoes.  The lamb is nicely roasted, tender and not so sticky.  The cabbage had absorb the flavourful gravy and the slightly baked creamy mashed potato contrast with the slight roasting stickiness of the lamb. A pity that there isn't much bone marrow from the shank.

Lamb Shank
Rating: 4/5

Tuna Dill Medallions - sashimi grade tuna medallions on a creamy dill sauce, served with jasmine rice and garden salad.  The restaurant recommended medium for the Tuna, but it will be better if it was medium rare to have the outside slightly seared and leaving the middle pretty raw to preserve its tenderness. The creamy dill sauce was good, the wiry, thread-like dill week adds a distinctive taste to the creamy sauce.

Tuna Dill Medallions
Rating: 4/5
Total cost for the meal was around 290K IDR (SGD$40). Food is a bit pricer than other local restaurants along the street, but its a steal if you compare with what you get in Singapore. Good food, nice ambience with friendly service.

Afternote - realised that the listed price on the internet menu was almost half of what was offered to us at the restaurant. Understand that there are usually different menu for tourist and locals, but didn't realise that it apply for mid-class restaurant like Un's as well. For those who know Malay, try to converse in their local language and ask for local price or menu for the locals, maybe you can get much better deals.  Nonetheless, the dinner is still worth it even with the tourist price.

UN'S Paradise Restaurant Kuta
Jalan Pantai Kuta

Source: gastronomicaltravel.blogspot.com


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