Poppies Restaurant, Bali (review)

Poppies Restaurant, Bali (review)

Poppies restaurant was the first restaurant I ever dined at in Bali. Every time I go I will always return. Hidden in amongst the hustle & bustle of Poppies Lane 1, the restaurant is set in a green rainforest atmosphere with fairy lights &  Ponds.
Poppies serves mainly Indonesian food and sets a really good benchmark of dishes you can expect to eat in Bali. The quality is fantastic! And, as a bit of a novelty, try ordering the “famous” pina colada (pictured below). It is a LARGE carved coconut monster complete with lime eyes & grape eye balls filled with a tasty & refreshing pina colada drink. Yum!
I would recommend starting your meal with a Soto Ayam Soup (one of my favourites) – check out my recipe here.
Soto Ayam is basically a spicy Yellow Chicken Soup and can be served with a variety of ingredients but most commonly; vermicelli noodles, boiled egg, beansprouts, cabbage & tomato. It is a very common dish in Bali and you can get a bowl between $3-$5 AUD.
Another Dish you cannot go wrong with are the Sates. They come in a beef, pork or chicken and are served over hot coals in a cute little ceramic holder with a side of rice & sticky tasty peanut sauce as below. Great as a shared entree or even as a main.
Another one of my fav dishes here at Poppies is the Nasi campur, which is basically a bit of everything and gives you a really good variety of Indonesian dishes to sample. There was a bit of beef, chicken  vegetable, fried bean curd & fragrant steamed rice.
If you are not keen on the idea of Indonesian cuisine, Poppies also have a huge range of Western dishes (like most other restaurants in Bali) Including steak, ribs, pasta, burgers & plenty of options for kids.
However, I would definitely recommend sampling the Indonesian cuisine .


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