Blossom Restaurant

Blossom Restaurant

Blossom Restaurant
Jl. Pura Telaga Waja
Seminyak, Bali

1. Comfort & surroundings

Alexander:Welcome to our first breakfast-bloggers-on-patrol post! It turns out that Lola and I made separate plans to be in Bali at the same time, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to sample some local cuisine and review a Bali breakfast location! We picked Blossom Restaurant because it is connected to the hotel at which I was staying (Sentosa Villas - totally recommended by the way). It's a lovely venue, with semi-open walls connecting the cool slate interior with the tropical exterior. The restaurant tables also spill out across the deck, giving some areas a scenic view of the oasis-like pool. Now, it was hot and sticky, everywhere in Bali is, but the design helped keep things a bit cooler. I was also very impressed by the long booth seats, which would be perfect for a larger group of people. All up, Blossom is calm and comfy enclave amongst the hustle, bustle and heat of Bali.

Lola: The convenience of meeting at Blossom, coupled with the reviews we had been privy to, made our decision of which of the thousands of possible eateries to choose, an easy one. It is not just a restaurant for those staying at Sentosa Villas; with a talented chef with a great reputation, it is worth visiting Blossom just for a meal. As I walked in I could instantly see what makes Sentosa Villas a popular choice for accommodation, as it managed to feel relaxed as well as clean and crisp. The spacious restaurant was also a perfectly de-stressed area, where you could sit around for hours (at least until the lure of the swimming pool became too much).

2. Service

Alexander: Attentive with a capital "A". The staff were polite, obliging and always on the look out for anything you could ever need at breakfast. There was always someone hovering a polite distance away, ready to assist with any request. And the staff were totally attitude free - real service with a smile. I know it's hard to compare, but I think a few Perth venues could learn a lot from the staff at Blossom.

Lola: Yes, the service was perfection! Mind you, we were eating in a restaurant with one of the top reputations on the island. While the waitstaff were ultra attentive, as Alexander mentioned, I didn't feel like I was being watched, and when you are sampling as much food as I did this is a very good thing.

3. Tastiness

Alexander: All the breakfast meals at Blossom start with a basket of delicious pastries and a beautifully-presented fruit platter - a combination of the decadent and the healthy! Not that we needed the excess food, as we also had access to a delicious spread of fruits, cereals, tarts, Asian treats and juices at the buffet PLUS a choice of main course! For my main, I ordered the lobster benedict - poached eggs on toasted muffins with spinach, lobster, chilli hollandaise and caviar. Tasty and unique! From start to finish, this meal was a breakfast taste sensation overload, and I was left full and happy.

Lola: Oh boy, just the a la carte menu was incredible! On it we found some innovative Western style dishes and some Indonesian style delights also. I opted for the Nasi Goreng. Nice and sticky and with a good amount of chilli on the side, it was a tasty one, but not among the best I'd had. The pastries were plentiful and delicious, and though we ate our way through as many as we could and I was sad to leave the remainder.

4. Drinks

Alexander: The breakfast buffet has drip coffee, tea and four varieties of juice on offer, plus you can order individually made coffees from the barista. I actually like drip coffee, so I was happy to go with what was on offer... plus I didn't want to fill up on calorific drinks given the wide variety of food options! The perfect side for a big breakfast.

Lola: It was juice all the way for me. With four options, why would I need to look elsewhere? In that heat, a cool refreshment was exactly what I was after.

5. Fiscal matters

Alexander: Not applicable. The breakfast was included in the hotel rate!

Lola: Bargain!



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