Maccaroni Bali Restaurant and Lounge, Kuta, Bali

Maccaroni Bali Restaurant and Lounge, Kuta, Bali

When you see it from the outside it looked like a concrete hole, but the gelato freezer was so inviting.  Then you peek inside the bar and soon you’ll be sitting inside having a drink.  It has an intriguing architecture of steel and cement with the softness of Bougainvillea creeping through the walls outside.  The service was very friendly.  The food was typical cafe options with some Indonesian and Thai variety.
This was an interesting Pad Thai, as I usually preferred mine with seafood.
That was the Chicken Gordon Bleu.  It wasn’t that exciting.
Overall, I must have been in awe of the architectural design more than excited for my food, especially when you’re about to finish your coffee and find out that it came with an extra amenity.  I thought these bugs were a delicacy in Bangkok, never realised that Bali enjoyed them as well.  It’s worth a try, for those looking for something different in Kuta.



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