A heavenly meal at the Kura Kura Restaurant

A heavenly meal at the Kura Kura Restaurant

When deciding on a restaurant to celebrate Mike’s birthday dinner we had several choices in mind. We drove to a few different locations but the menu of the Kura Kura Restaurant at The Oberoi Hotel in Seminyak completely blew us away. We made reservations the night before at a table we selected and almost didn’t sleep in anticipation of the treats we’d be tasting.
Birthday boy with his delicious cake
We arrived for the birthday dinner and the general manager greeted us and showed us to our table. There was a gentle breeze and we concentrated on picking out a white wine to go with our dinner. After the wine selection (which unfortunately we can’t remember what we had) a waitress came by so we could select our bread. Bread selections? You don’t have to ask me twice. I want one of each.
A sweet beet juice combination drink
Every dish that came out was bursting with creativity and flavor.
Amuse bouche octopus with vanilla vinaigrette
This enormous piece of  foie gras was served together with a spherical apricot or mango in a ring of white emulsion that looked like a miniature fried egg. I felt the foie gras serving was a bit large but I managed to eat it all. No arm twisting required.
Foie gras with snakefruit, sweet & sour mango along with an edible flower
Mike’s next course came with local honey and peppery arugula. Prune jam on brioche? I had to sample some of that!
Freshly baked Brioche, arugula with prune jam & local honey
My next course was a seared Barramudi, which is native to Australia and we don’t know if this fish was imported or if it came from a farm in Thailand. It was just a little too seared for my liking-nevertheless flaky and although slightly under flavored, complemented well with the braised scallions and crunchy carrot.
Berramudi seared with scallions and carrots
Another course we tried included more foie gras. Scallops on foie gras? It was a night to splurge!
Seared scallops with foie gras, spinach, and apple puree
At the end of the dinner the general manager brought out this gorgeous cake with fresh berries and we sang Mike Happy Birthday. They also brought a lei of orchids to place around his neck, along with a crown made from banana leaves to sit on his head! King for a day.
We certainly felt like royalty enjoying this imaginative meal. The dishes were expertly executed and the experience certainly topped off a fantastic weekend of splurging.
A king with a crown!

The Oberoi Hotel is located in Seminyak on the oceanfront. Kura Kura serves Indonesian, Asia, and Continental fusion cuisines. If you’re in Seminyak and would like to splurge this is a decadent place for a meal. We received no discounts on our meal, which came out to about $200.


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