Being Happy is Simple: An Art Exhibition

Being Happy is Simple

Artist        :    Farid Stevy Asta
Curator           :    Rain Rosidi
Place        :    Kendra Gallery
Time        :    19.00 – 21.00 Wita

Farid Stevy Asta solo exhibitrion  is  entitled “Bahagia Itu Sederhana”/Being Happy is simple. The complicated situation, full of repression sometimes entails simple conclusion but giving freedom. That was at least in Farid Stevy Asta when he appears  hastag #bahagiaitusederhana (being happy is simple) in the social media. Farid writes about  hastag at twitter after passing certain moment in his social  association and found a mantra  that can  give him freedom: “being happy is  simple”. The mantra that is given life through  modern communication technology moves fast and beyond various gaps, social layers, problems of life and at the same time  gives birth to  various  creative works.

The creative youth of 30 years old underwent his artistic career in Yogyakarta among the show of sign of life of dynamic young people. Some of the many activities of young people in Yogyakarta are music and fine art, among other  kinds of art. Farid is in the center of it. He was a member of  FSTVLST band as text producer both  in songs and his visual works. He was also a part of  fine art world presented in galleries, art fair, and many  contemporary art events.

The development of Farid’s art worlds from previous periods is Farid’s attempt to tell by dismissing figures, character. In this exhibition, Farid created art works by inserting creative patterns that he works on his music where he usually composes songs for his band. As a writer of lyric, Farid lightly noted realities that he experiences in spreading small notes. These notes were then in the body of the melody that he works with other members of the band. In this works of art this time, Farid also functions to take notes realities, which then formed in visual art. As a disciple of real post modernism (as he acknowledges in the lyric of the song Manifesto, Jenny, 2009 ), Farid made visual combination  through  various kinds of influence he uses as the body for his ideas in commenting on  realities. His works is a place of various influences that meet, from measured work as the work of  Piet Mondrian, painting of Jean Michel-Basquiat, street art, rock ‘n roll, activities of young people of Yogyakarta and so on. Farid becomes an extraordinary collector with his creative talent and  competence that uniquely creates his work to become works that are free from influences, without claiming it as new discovery.

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Location: Jl.Drupadi No.88B Basangkasa, Seminyak



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